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We’re on the tail end of summer here in Andover, MA and with Labor Day upon us, it’s time to look towards the coming winter and ways to maximize your home’s energy efficiency. If you have a centralized HVAC systems that uses a series of ducts, we have a suggestion that could make a big difference on that front: duct insulation. How does it work and what’s it all about? We’ve provided a quick primer below.

Conditioned Air Needs Protecting

It’s helpful to think of the ducts in your system as a highway, carrying conditioned air from the system to the various corners of your home. The ducts walls serve as a divider between the conditioned air (which is the temperature you want) with the unconditioned air surrounding it (which isn’t).

That divider isn’t always as effective as it could be. Ducts near outside walls can be chilled by cold winter temperatures or heat when the sun beats against them in the summer. Sun beams stretching across the ducts can affect it too, and even things like cold water pipes nearby  can influence the temperature of the air inside the ducts.

Duct insulation provides an extra layer of protection in the face of that: keeping the conditioned air the temperature you need it to be no matter what the conditions are like outside of the ducts. This happens in both summer and winter alike, and because duct insulation has no moving parts, it will last for many years after it is initially installed. That provides excellent long-term value: not only lowering heating and cooling costs, but reducing strain on your HVAC system and helping the other components function for longer periods of time.

If you’re concerned about energy efficiency this winter, call Cooling Unlimited to discuss the possibility of adding duct insulation to your home!

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