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Time to Get Your Heating System Serviced

Whether you warm your Boston, MA home with a furnace, a boiler or an alternative system such as radiant heating beneath your floor, now is the time to give it a close look. Temperatures are beginning to drop here in New England, and before long you’ll need your heating system to perform every day. Now is the ideal time to get your heating system serviced, and indeed we recommend doing so if you haven’t had your system looked at yet this year.

Why Maintenance?

A maintenance session is designed to be a general tune-up, allowing the technician to give the entire heating system a once-over can check for any growing problems. It also lets him or her address the countless little issues that don’t merit a service call on their own, but which can add up to cause a lot of damage if you’re not careful. This attention serves two main purposes:

  1. It improves overall efficiency of the unit and reduces the impact of wear and tear. Not only does that make it less likely that the system will suffer a breakdown, but it can reduce the amount of energy it needs to operate and lower your monthly heating bills accordingly.
  2. It lets you get in front of any growing issues that may require a formal repair session. By spotting them now, the technician can schedule repairs before the temperatures drop too low, and with a few weeks of comparatively warm weather left to go, that gives you the flexibility to set the date according to your timetable, instead of having to rearrange your schedule to get the maintenance session taken care of before you need your heater every day.

For the best heating maintenance service in town, as well as repairs and replacement services, trust the professionals at Cooling Unlimited!


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