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Running All Summer Means an AC Breakdown is More Likely

It’s far too hot in the summer here in Andover, MA to go without air conditioning. It’s more than a luxury; without it, you run the risk of heat stroke and similar maladies, especially in sensitive family members such as toddlers or the elderly.

And yet all of that activity means that the chances of an air conditioning breakdown are much higher this time or the year than any other, with months of daily use behind it and weeks of high temperatures still to come. The more prepared you can be for the possibility of a breakdown, the better able you are to prevent it, or at least mitigate the damage. Here’s a brief list of some handy steps.

  • Monitor Your System for Problems. Only a trained technician can properly address trouble with your air conditioner. But you can spot anything out of the ordinary that may suggest a problem, such as  strange noises, unexpected spikes in your monthly bills, or reduced air flow or cooling power.
  • Schedule a Maintenance Session. Maintenance sessions give the technician a chance to check for any growing problems before they result in a breakdown, as well as helping your system run more efficiently. If you haven’t scheduled one in 2016 yet, now is an excellent time to do so.
  • Monitor Usage and Look for Ways to Improve Efficiency. You can take small steps to improve your system’s efficiency, as well as lowering the strain on the system. Open the house in the evening and run fans instead of the air conditioner. Use the programming feature on your thermostat to turn your system on just before you get home at night instead of running it all day. Seal cracks beneath your door with weather stripping, and look into ways to improve home efficiency if you can, such as more insulation and double-paned windows.

Count on Cooling Unlimited to help keep your air conditioner running!

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