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How Do Dehumidifiers Help Your Air Conditioner?

We tout the virtues of whole-house dehumidifiers for clients in Andover, MA and similar cities in the Boston area, and for good reason. Massachusetts summers are as humid as they come, which not only makes your home far less comfortable, but can drastically impact the functioning of your air conditioner as well. A whole-house dehumidifier not only makes your home more comfortable, but can ease the burden on your AC as well: lowering monthly bills and making it less likely that your air conditioner will suffer a breakdown. Here’s a brief bit of info on how it all works.

High Humidity Makes Us Feel Warmer

Whenever relative humidity levels reach 50% or higher, there’s too much ambient moisture in the atmosphere to let the sweat evaporate of of our skins (which is our bodies’ natural way of keeping cool.) As a result, the air feels hotter than it is, and the air conditioner must work much harder to do its job.

High Humidity Directly Affects the AC Too

Air conditioners act as dehumidifiers by default, since lowering the temperature of the air causes the ambient moisture to solidify into droplets. Most centralized systems have a drip pan and a drain line to collect those droplets as they form and move them out of the system. With higher humidity, the chances are greater that the amount of moisture it has to deal with, the more energy it takes away from its main job (i.e. lowering the temperature in the house) and the greater the chances of a breakdown… or worse, an overflow of the drip pan, which could shut your system off until the moisture levels go do. Dehumidifiers remove all of those concerns and allow your AC to do its main job without having to worry about moisture levels.

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