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Spring Problems with Your Air Conditioner

Spring makes a great time to give your air conditioner a thorough check for any problems. You’ve likely used it a few times as the weather in Concord, MA gets warmer, but we haven’t yet hit the summer, which means you have time to make repairs if needed. A good air conditioning maintenance session is a fine way to get a handle on any problems that may have creeped in over the winter: letting the technician identify them and schedule a repair session before they shut you down in the middle of a heat wave. You can also look for signs of common spring problems yourself before calling in a technician.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant throws off your air conditioner’s regular cycle, forcing it to work harder to do its job and raising your bills in the process. If not addressed, it will eventually cause the breakdown of other parts of your air conditioner, and leaks that occur in the winter may go months before you discover them. Look for the presence of frost or ice on the coils, though you should never attempt to scrape it off. (It’s only a symptom, not the root of the problem, and you may damage the coils in the process.) You can also spot it with the sounds of hissing or bubbling and by inordinately high air conditioning bills.

Detritus in the System

Over the winter, twigs or other bits of debris may have gotten into the system, or you may have a loose bolt of the like that become apparent only after you’ve turned your air conditioner on for the first time this year. Loose components won’t automatically damage your system, but if you run it without removing them first, you’re apt to damage a very important component or two. If you hear a rattling sound or similar sound, turn your system off and call for repairs.

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