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Why is Proper Air Conditioning Installation Important?

Summers are brutal here in Boston, MA, and if you don’t think your old air conditioner is up for another three months or soaring temperatures and New England humidity, then now is a perfect time to do so. As you may have guessed, installation is one of the most important aspects of your air conditioner’s life, and needs to be performed properly. Why? The short answer is it will save you money and time.

What We Mean by Proper Installation

Poor installation isn’t necessarily something yo can spot right away. Forget about cartoonish images of flailing technicians wrestling hoses into their spot. A poorly installed air conditioner might seem to function just as well as a normal one. But taking the steps properly means things like ensuring that every component is secure it its housing. It means putting the outdoor unit on a steady, level service and ensuring that ventilation isn’t blocked by the side of your house. It means using high quality bolts and screws that won’t wear out right away. And it means taking all the proper steps before installation occurs: sizing the system, finding the proper location, noting any potential obstacles such as tricky crawlspaces and the like.

How that Benefits Your

A proper installation ensures maximum efficiency in your new air conditioner. Many people replace their air conditioners in order to cut down on their monthly bills,. but a poorly installed air conditioner will leech away some of that savings with quickly worn parts, components rattling in their housings and general shoddiness. That can also cost you further on down the line, as repair calls come sooner and with greater frequency than you should have to deal with. Your air conditioner needs to give you years of reliable output, and a good installation is the best way to make that happen.

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