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What’s Up With Your Central AC?

air-conditioning-servicesThere’s been this gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach for weeks now. You know something is going on with your air conditioner, but you just don’t want to deal with it right now. It’s been a hot summer here in Boston. Confronting your air conditioning problems head on means that you’re going to have an ample amount of down time without your air conditioning system and a hefty bill to pay too. You’re dreading it… but what if we told you it could all be different?

We want you to know that central AC repair in Boston, MA can be so easy with our team. We understand that your air conditioner is your front line of defense against the hot temperatures that summer brings. We’re always going to do our best to help you out.

What’s Going On?

Let’s bring some clarity to the problems you might’ve had this summer.

1.      Short Cycling

You head over to your thermostat, choose your setting, and then you walk away and hear your air conditioner turn on. Life is good. Then, you’re unpleasantly surprised when you hear your air conditioner click off soon after. What in the world is going on?

Well, what you’re experiencing is short cycling. Short cycling is terrible for your air conditioning operation. It will wear down your AC fast. Make sure you’re addressing it promptly.

2.      High Energy Bills

Your energy bills are going to rise a little during the summer. After all, it’s hot during these few months and you’re going to find yourself using your air conditioner more often. If you notice your energy bill spiking after a heatwave, then you’re in the clear, but if you notice your energy bill spiking with no clear cause, then you need help from our team.

3.      Hot and Cold Spots

There are going to be natural hot and cool spots throughout your home. Some rooms receive more natural light than others so this is going to occur. It should never come to a point where your bedroom feels like the arctic tundra, but your living room feels like a sauna. If this is something you’re struggling with, then you need to call a professional.

4.      Inconsistent Cooling

Can you depend on your air conditioner? Really think about it. If there’s a hot day coming up on the weather forecast, do you get a little pit in your stomach thinking about your air conditioner battling against the heat? Inconsistent cooling is bad for your home efficiency. Call if you notice this issue.

5.      Warm Air

Have you noticed that you have to run your air conditioner for a lot longer than you’re used to just to get cool? This is a sign that you might be dealing with warm air in your home. This is never something that you should deal with. Warm air is a sign that your air conditioner is destined for some trouble in the future. We can help you avoid these problems.

Contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our team. We specialize in great air conditioning work.

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