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When an AC Upgrade is Worth It

blue-question-mark-graphicWe all rely on our AC to keep us cool and comfortable during the summer months when the temps are high. However, nothing is worse when it’s an unusually hot day, and the AC doesn’t work as well as normally does or it goes out altogether.

Looking to beat the heat? It may be time for an upgrade to your unit so you can enjoy many of the benefits that come with installing new air conditioning in Newton, MA.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 circumstances where an AC upgrade is well worth the investment and if it’s time for you to look at your options.

1.  Your AC is 15+ Years Old

On average, most AC units last around 10-15 years. So, if your unit is any older, then it’s worth looking into an upgrade. For one, older systems are more prone to breaking down and needing frequent repairs. Also, older models tend to be less energy efficient compared to their newer counterparts.

2.  You’re Spending More on Your Energy Bill

As your AC system ages, it suffers from general wear and tear that comes with years of use. This strain on the unit causes it to use more energy for the same output, which increases your monthly energy bill. With a new unit, you’ll benefit from the higher efficiency rates and be able to spend those savings on things that matter the most to you.

3.  You’ve Become Good Friends with the Repairman

While we love and appreciate our customers, we understand we shouldn’t see each other too often. If you’re constantly calling out a technician to fix your AC unit, that’s a good sign it may be worth it to pay for an upgrade instead. Eventually, replacing parts and tuning up the system will hit your wallet harder if it’s happening on a regular basis. Let your repairman know if it’s been a reoccurring issue and they will recommend solutions to fit your situation.

4.  Your Home Isn’t Getting Cool

If you’re needing to crank the thermostat down lower than usual or there isn’t cool air coming from the vents, it could be a signal something is up with your unit. Sometimes, a technician is able to fix the problem for good the first time. However, if it continues to happen, we recommend looking into getting an upgrade to give yourself peace of mind it will work as intended.

5.  You Want to Bring Your System to the New Age

It’s possible your old and trusty AC unit is working just fine. However, there might be new technologies like smart units and AI-powered energy tracking to get the most out of your unit. Or perhaps you want to go with a ductless system to use less power and only cool the rooms that are in use. If so, making an upgrade is still a great decision!

Convinced it’s time for you to make the investment and upgrade your air conditioning in Newton, MA? We’ve got you covered! Contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. for your air conditioning upgrade.

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