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Do You Need Toilet Repair?

The toilet is an integral part of the home. Without it, the entire plumbing system is useless and we’d have to take care of business outside. It’s used everyday by everyone in the house, so it’s natural that wear and tear will warrant toilet repair in Boston, MA. And when something goes wrong, it can be more than inconvenient and shake up the entire flow of your day.

Sometimes, people get used to the nuances of how their toilet works. But some problems are a clear sign that it’s time to call a repairman or get a new bowl installed. Here are the top signs that your toilet is in need of repair.

The Toilet Leaks

There are some leaks that are a simple fix, like from the flapper inside the tank. However, if you notice any leaking from your toilet base, then that will require professional repair. And it poses a few problems– it can lead to water damage, mold, and release waste water which is a health hazard.

The Toilet Clogs All The Time

Clogs are a normal problem that happens once in a while that is easily fixed with a plunger. However, if it’s constantly clogging and you need to tend to it regularly, then that’s a sign the toilet is malfunctioning. It could be a faulty part or something else causing the clog. This would be a situation where an expert can get down to the issue and provide a solution.

The Toilet Keeps Running

It sounds like your toilet is flushing forever. That continuous water flow will surely drive up the bill, but why does it happen? After normal use, the seal around the flapper inside the tank starts to wear down, causing the tank to need to constantly fill with water. That’s why you hear the toilet running all day and night. But no worries, call a plumber and he can catch it.

You’ve Become A Search Engine Plumber

Another sign that it’s time for repair or a new toilet altogether is that you’re always dealing with some issue from your toilet. If you’re the DIY type, you might find yourself on your search engine of choice every weekend trying to figure out what’s wrong this time. Let a professional get down to the bottom of it and save you the headache. In some cases, a new toilet bowl may be in order.

The Toilet Doesn’t Flush At All

A toilet that doesn’t flush is just a bowl and is a serious problem. So, if you flick the handle and the commode doesn’t empty, it’s time to call in a plumber. There are things to rule out such as a broken flapper chain or another plumbing issue. However, there are times when the toilet is a kaput, and it’s time to replace it.

Notice any of the signs in your home or need any other plumbing services? It’s time for toilet repair in Boston, MA. We’re the right professionals for you.

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