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Why Heat Pumps Need Twice a Year Maintenance


What a relief that spring is finally here! With all the beautiful weather and outdoor opportunities, it can be easy to forget the important tasks that should be done this time of year. If you have a heat pump, scheduling maintenance for it should be at the top of your to-do list. And yes, that’s true even if you had maintenance in the fall.

Why Maintenance Matters

There are three major aspects of heat pump maintenance: cleaning, inspecting, and lubrication. The cleaning eliminates any dust or grime that has built up. These contaminants can lead to increased friction, poor airflow, inefficiency, and overheating.

The inspecting ensures that each component is in good condition, properly secured in position, and functioning properly. This includes things like testing that the thermostat’s readings are accurate and making sure the belt isn’t wearing out.

Lubrication is critical for making sure that moving parts such as the motor and fan are able to slide smoothly. As the lubrication wears away, friction increases, and that decreases efficiency and increases wear and tear, making it more likely that problems will occur, and even shortening the expected lifespan of the entire system.

Why Heat Pumps Are Different

In homes that have a traditional air conditioner, AC maintenance in Lynnfield, MA is recommended once a year. It’s often done during the spring, but the most important thing is that it’s done every year. Maintenance on a furnace should also be done annually.

With a heat pump, things are a little different. Because an air conditioner gets a long winter vacation, there isn’t as much wear and tear on the system. The lubricant will last longer, and there will be less buildup of dust. Heat pumps are in service year round and even if you have an additional heat source, they accumulate a lot more wear and tear than an air conditioner. Parts like the motor and fan in particular are working hard all year long. 

Maintenance to Do Yourself

We always stress the importance of having heating and cooling systems installed, maintained, and repaired by qualified professionals. It will make the process smoother and faster, keep your systems under warranty for as long as possible, and decrease the likelihood of major repairs being needed.

But there is one maintenance task you should be doing yourself! Do you know what it is? Changing your heat pump’s air filter! This will cut down on the dust and grime in the system, as well as reduce the amount of dust that gets blown back out into the air you breathe. It decreases the risk of low airflow issues and of components overheating.

And it’s quite easy. Simply pull it out. Wash and dry if it’s reusable. Throw it away and get a new one if it’s disposable. And slide it into place again. This should be done every month during high-use times of the year, but it can be done every three months when the system is not getting used much.

If you have any questions about changing your air filter, or about having professional maintenance done on your heat pump, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Reach out to Cooling Unlimited, Inc. with all your heat pump concerns.

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