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Why Use Rooftop Units for Commercial HVAC Systems?

It’s no secret that commercial air conditioning units are not pretty to look at. Depending on the size of the building, you may not have the space that large HVAC units require. Plus, it’s unpleasant to see a huge AC unit in front of an office building. Rooftop units are packaged systems that are installed on rooftops and that tie directly into the building’s ductwork. We’ve highlighted a few of the main benefits of installing rooftop units for your business below.

Saves Space

Rooftop commercial HVAC systems have all the heating and cooling components in a single package, making it easy and convenient to install on a roof. This means you don’t have to use up space outside your building that should be reserved for landscaping, extra parking, or building expansions.


Installing a roof-mounted HVAC unit is a relatively simple job for installers, since it comes as a complete package with all its components already in place. This means that having new units installed will pose no major interruption to your business.

Easy to Maintain

Commercial HVAC systems do require professional maintenance annually, just like any other type of heating or cooling system. This ensures efficiency and prevents unnecessary wear and tear. However, it’s easy for technicians to access rooftop units. They do not need to search throughout the building for the various units, meaning they do not have to disrupt your business.

Energy Efficient

Commercial rooftop HVAC units come with energy-saving features that you can add to improve its performance, such as variable air volume controls to meet airflow demands with matching fan speeds. You could also use programmable thermostats throughout the building to adjust the HVAC system’s operation according to seasonal changes and occupancy schedules.

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