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5 Signs You Need Boiler Repair


Congratulations on owning a boiler for your home heat! Boilers are great systems: they’re efficient, they can last up to thirty years with proper maintenance, and perhaps best of all, they rarely require repairs. But there are no guarantees that anything will operate perfectly all the time. If something’s wrong with your boiler, you should get repairs promptly before things get worse. Here are 5 signs to watch out for.

1: Rumbling Noises

Why does your boiler sound like a giant teakettle at a rolling boil? Is it going to explode? No, but you do need boiler repair in Boston, MA. Often referred to as kettling, this sound usually means that there is sediment in the tank. When water percolates through that, it can be noisy. A technician can flush the system to clean out the sediment.

2: Uneven or Insufficient Heat

Are you chilly even though the boiler is definitely running? Are some rooms cold while others are warm? The boiler uses a circulator pump to keep the hot water moving through the system of radiators or registers (or the pipes under your floor, in the case of radiant floor heat). If the circulator pump struggles or fails, you won’t get enough heat, or you’ll only have heat in some areas.

3: Pilot Problems

Your pilot light should be reliable, and the flame should always be blue. A damaged or malfunctioning thermocouple can cause the pilot to fail to light. A flame that is green, yellow, or orange indicates incomplete combustion, which poses a carbon monoxide risk. For your safety, any concerns about your pilot light should be addressed by a qualified professional right away.

4: Increasing Utility Bills

Inefficiencies in your heating system can have a variety of causes. If you find that your boiler is costing you more than it used to when your utility bills arrive, chances are, there’s something wrong. Repairs could get your boiler back in good condition and your bills back down.

5: Leaks

Despite the fact that it’s a system that relies entirely on water, boiler leaks are pretty rare. If you do see water dripping from any part of the system, get a technician in to take a look. It could be as simple as a loose connection, or the water pressure could be too high. If your boiler is new, it’s possible that there was a problem during installation.

Prompt Repairs Make a Big Difference

As with any appliance, boiler problems often start small. Left unrepaired, however, they can worsen dramatically. To make sure repairs are as quick, simple, and inexpensive as possible, get any issues repaired promptly. You don’t want to end up with a costly repair, or worse, having to replace your boiler, because you ignored a problem for too long.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about your heating system. And if you notice a problem with your boiler, get the help you need right away.

Reach out to Cooling Unlimited, Inc. to speak with qualified heating experts.

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