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Don’t Get Left in the Cold: Preparing Your Heating System for Winter


The leaves are turning red and gold, the children are getting ready for Halloween, and temperatures are dropping. It’s time to prepare yourself for the coming winter.

There are many tasks that might be on your to-do list such as tidying up the yard, finding your snow shovel, and pulling the bin of hats and mittens out of the attic. But don’t forget about heating maintenance!

Having your heating system maintained before the cold weather hits provides a wide array of benefits. Here are some of the biggest ones.


A gas-burning furnace is generally a very safe appliance. But if there are problems with the pilot light, gas line, or heat exchanger, then carbon monoxide or gas leaks are possible. When you get heating maintenance in Boston, your technician will inspect and test all the systems that ensure the safety of you, your family, and your home.

Electric furnaces don’t pose the same risks, but it’s important to inspect and test them as well. Loose wiring or other electrical problems can be a fire hazard.


As the year passes, dust accumulates. Grit works its way into the mechanical components of your furnace. The lubricant gets worn away. All this friction, compounded by any parts that are not functioning optimally, will force the system to work harder and use more energy. 

Your technician will clean away all the dust and grit and reapply lubricant. They will make any adjustments necessary to get all components working optimally. Instead of your heater’s energy usage increasing by about 5% each year, your system will be restored to peak efficiency. 


Any small issues, including all that dust, can contribute to your heating system either creating less heat or distributing it less evenly. With maintenance, you can be confident that your heat will be plentiful and will reach all parts of your home this winter.

Avoiding Repairs

When you have heating maintenance done, your system will be clean and well-lubricated and all minor concerns will have been addressed before they turned into actual problems. This means that it’s dramatically less likely—85% less likely, according to most estimates—that your heating system will need any kind of repair during the winter.

Keeping Your System Alive Longer

Maintenance helps a heating system survive to its full life expectancy. Gas and electric furnaces have a lifespan of around 10-15 years or so. But if those same systems don’t get routine maintenance, all the extra friction, wear and tear, and uncorrected minor issues will add up, leaving you with a system that can only survive about half as long.

Complying with Warranty Requirements

Most heating systems come with warranties that can save you money when you do need repairs, or if something causes the system to fail early. However, most warranty agreements have a maintenance clause. The warranty will be void if maintenance is not performed annually by a qualified technician.

So when you’re making your to-do list for winter preparation, put “schedule heating maintenance” right at the top.

Reach out to Cooling Unlimited, Inc. to speak with qualified heating experts.

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