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Beware of a Cracked Heat Exchanger This Winter

Mention a cracked heat exchanger to any repair technician, and they’re going to tell you the same thing: it’s a serious problem and you should never run any furnace afflicted with it under any circumstances. We’re in the throes of heating season here in Boston, MA and any problems with your heater should be considered a top priority. Understanding how the heat exchanger works in your system can help explain why they crack with age and pressure, and why that’s such a cause for concern.

How the Heat Exchanger Works

The heat exchanger sits between the burners in your furnace and the air they need to warm. Warming the air directly with the burners is supremely inefficient, and will pass along trace amount of toxins such as carbon monoxide to boot. The Heat exchangers are shaped piece of metal which channel those toxins out of the heat system via a vent. At the same time, the heat from the burners warms up the metal, which in turn warms up the air above them. The clean, hot air can then be passed on to your home via the duct system,

Why Cracks Are a Problem

Cracks in the heat exchanger occur for many reasons, but usually appear after extended periods of time. Turning the system on and off over the course of years subjects it to a great deal of stress, which will eventually cause a breach in the metal. Unfortunately that also makes the heater supremely inefficient, compromising its ability to warm the air. But that’s not the most important issue. The cracks also mean that those toxic gasses will seep out of the system and into your home, presenting a danger to you and your family. Never run a system with a crack heat exchanger. Call a professional service to replace it instead.

Cooling Unlimited can handle cracked heat exchangers, so pick up the phone and call us today!

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