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3 Signs of Trouble With Your Water Heater

Your water heater is intended to do its job without a fuss, which can lead many homeowners to take it for granted. This can be a big mistake. When troubles arise with your water heater, they tend to do so suddenly and without warning. Your best defense against it is to schedule regular maintenance once or twice a year from a qualified plumber in the Boston, MA area. Even if you do, however, signs of trouble from your water heater can still crop up. When they do, you need to summon a repair service immediately. Here are three of the most common ones to look out for.

Strange Noises

Any noise which you don’t recognize as a normal part of your water heater’s functioning should be considered a sign of trouble. Damage pipes may groan when hot water passes through them. Gurgling noises are mate when water passes through excessive sediment built up in the bottom of the tank. Whatever the cause and whatever the noise, it means you should have a trained plumber take a look at it ASAP.

Rusty Water

The sides of your water tank are steel and can be coated to protect them from rust. But when your anode rod wears out and isn’t replaced, rust can find a way of getting in. Rusty or dirty colored water is a sign of that, and may even herald a full breach if you aren’t careful. Don’t run your plumbing if rusty water appears. Call a plumber instead.


A breach in the side of your water heater could seal up when the heater warms up or cools off, leaving no evidence of its passing. It can, however, leave puddles of water behind, as can faulty seals or similar leaks. I you spot puddles around your water heater with no apparent source, call in a plumber.

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