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Check Your Heater for Signs of Trouble

Sooner or later, every heater runs into problems. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can usually spot signs of an issue before a full-bore breakdown occurs. Ideally, you’ll schedule a regular maintenance session with a trained professional, which can help you out on that front. But either way, the sooner you can act, the less of a chance your heater’s problem will leave you stuck without warmth in the middle of our freezing Boston, MA winters. If you can check your heater for signs of trouble, it gives you a big leg up on the issue. Here’s a few quick indicators for you to watch out for.

  • Low Air Flow. The heat won’t do much good if it can’t be distributed throughout your home, and in fact if there’s trouble with the air flow, it could lead to bigger problems. All that hot air will just stay stuck in the furnace, and could cause additional components to overheat.
  • Low Heat Levels. This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but it may be subtler than you expect. The heat may be coming out, but in lower levels than you’re used to, which will lead to higher bills and increased strain on your system.
  • Odd Noises. An odd noise is basically any noise you haven’t heard before, and which you can detect only when your heater is running. Whether it’s a bang, a rattle or a hum, it’s best to shut off your system and call in a repair technician right away.
  • Higher Bills. Higher bills are a big way to indicate that something is wrong even if you can’t detect any overt signs of it. A faulty component will force the system to work harder in compensation, resulting in higher bills even if you aren’t using the heater more than normal.

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