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Put a Stop to Frozen Pipes This Winter

Plumbers in Boston, MA have to deal with frozen pipes more often than any other call. Freezing pipes are all too common when the snows start to fall, as water trapped in your pipes becomes ice and causes untold amounts of damage in the process. Ice expands, which not only cuts off the flow of water to your home, but also places extraordinary pressure on the sides of your pipes, which could cause them to burst. Trained plumbers can deal with frozen pipes, but you would be far better off stopping such a development before it starts. You can put a stop to frozen pipes this winter by following a few basic steps.

Do-It-Yourself Steps

Do it yourself steps are those which can take place without a professional plumber. They include shutting off the water and draining the line completely, especially outside lines like those to your sprinkler, so that no water is left in them. You should also coil your garden hoses and put them away before they suffer damage from frozen water. Another trick is to keep all of the faucets running just a trickle, since running water helps prevent frozen pipes.

Professional Steps

You can augment those steps with more serious upgrades conducted by a professional plumber. For starters, look into getting your pipes insulated, especially in parts of the home which lack adequate insulation, or which are next to an outside wall. You might also look into subsidiary improvements, such as new thermostats which can more accurately control the temperature, and periodic maintenance of your hot water heater to ensure that it’s running the way it should. Not only can those steps help prevent frozen pipes, but they will lower the cost of heating the water in your home and help your system perform better overall.

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