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Do You Need a New Heater?

Whether you use a boiler, a furnace, or an alternative form of heating in your Andover, MA home, the arrival of fall means that you should carefully consider whether your system can handle another brutal New England winter, or whether you need to invest in a new system. Now is the time to make such an assessment, since we still have a few weeks before the cool weather sets in in earnest. Only you can decide if you need to pull the trigger on a new heater, but there are a couple of key factors that you should consider while doing so. Keep them in mind when you make your deliberations.

Is the Cost of Keeping Your Old System too High?

An old heater is usually an inefficient heater and while you can mitigate that with regular maintenance sessions throughout the system’s life, sooner or later that inefficiency will catch up to it. In some cases, it can mean multiple repair calls over a short period of time, or even just one big repair call that costs more than the system is worth. In other cases, there may be no repairs involved, but the cost of running it from month to month is becoming prohibitively expensive. In both cases, investing in a new heater may be more practical than continuing to funnel money into an old one.

Has the Warranty Expired?

If you keep your heating system maintained regularly throughout its life, it can last well beyond its stated warranty, and generally speaking you shouldn’t replace your heater if the warranty hasn’t expired. If it has, however, and you’re experiencing the kinds of costs detailed above, that’s likely the best sign you’ll need that a new heating system is probably required.

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