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Get Your Generator Serviced Before Winter Hits

If you own a generator here in Wakefield, MA, you know how invaluable it can be during a blizzard or other emergency when the power goes out. But simply having one set up isn’t enough. You need to make sure it’s functioning properly before the first snows fall and that it’s ready to go when an emergency strikes. There won’t be much time to do it when the moment arrives. Here are a few tips on keeping your generator ready, which should help you when the time comes.

  • Keep Supplies Handy. All generators need fuel and most require filters and other small parts. You should make sure you have enough fuel to keep your generator running for at least 3-4 days, and have enough other spare parts to make any troubleshooting operation possible during a crisis.
  • Know How It Works. Every member of your household should know the location of the generator and how to operate it. They should be versed in basic troubleshooting (like clearing snow from the vents) and how to refuel the generator if they need to. Take a few minutes and go through it all with every family member so they understand.
  • Plan for the Worst. A generator is supposed to keep your home’s power running in an emergency, but the very word “emergency” means that the unexpected might arise at any moment. Have a plan for what you will do if the generator goes down. Keep a flashlight handy for refueling in the middle of the night (preferably a headlight so your hands can be free), and make sure that access to the generator isn’t difficult. Always keep a cell phone charged and be ready to call for assistance if something goes wrong with the generator.

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