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Watch What Goes Down the Drain This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to come over, enjoy some good food, watch a little football and celebrate the holiday. Here in Winchester, MA, you may be preparing your household for a big get-together on Thursday, but amid all the hullabaloo, it can be very easy to put inappropriate foods down the drain. These are foods that will either gum up the functioning of the garbage disposal or create a clog in the drain. No one wants to call a plumber on Thanksgiving, which is why we urge you to pay close attention to which foods you pour down the kitchen drain this holiday season. Among the foods that should go in the trash instead of the kitchen drain are:

  • FOG, or fats, oils, and grease, which rank among the trickiest foodstuffs to remove from the drain. They’re liquid when hot, but will quickly solidify in your pipes as they cool down, creating a nasty clog. You can dispose of them by pouring them in an empty can and waiting for them to cool, then tossing them in the trash.
  • Fibrous vegetables, like potatoes, celery and carrots. Peelings, in particular, can interfere with the garbage disposal or create clogs in the pipes.
  • Coffee grounds, which can grind like sand when they get into the gears of your garbage disposal. They can also clump together in your pipes, forming blockage that is tough to break through and leading to some major drain clogs.
  • Pasta and rice, which can prove surprisingly strong when individual noodles get tangled together. They can expend when they are immersed in water, which spells trouble for your drain as they clog up the pipes.
  • Bones and fruit pits. Most people are well aware of these, but they bear repeating. Garbage disposals simply can’t grind them up, which means they can severely damage the system if put down your drain.

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