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How Your Heater Tells You It Needs Repairs

technician-repairing-boilerMost people don’t think a whole lot about their heater, as long as it’s working. But of course, when a problem develops in any system, it’s better to catch it sooner, before the problem gets any bigger.

How can you tell when something is starting to go wrong with your heater, so you can have it repaired as promptly as possible? Your heater may signal a problem in a variety of ways. If you watch for these clues, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment for a professional to give it the care it needs.

Strange Noises

Heaters don’t normally make a whole lot of noise, and what sounds you do hear from them should be steady and consistent. If you’re hearing crashing and banging, rattling and clanking, humming or buzzing, or screeching or shrieking, you definitely need professional help with your heating in Woburn, MA

Short Cycling

The “cycle” is the time when heat is being produced. This should occur in steady cycles: the heat turns on, brings the temperature up to the target, and stops to rest while your house’s temperature gradually goes down again. “Short cycling” is when the heater shuts off prematurely, before your home reaches the target temperature, and then starts up again soon after.

This can be caused by an overheating component within the system. It should be addressed promptly, partly because of the problem itself, and partly because short cycling is very energy intensive. The startup is the part of the cycle that uses the most energy, so doing it over and over wastes fuel—and costs you money.

Unsatisfactory Temperature

Perhaps you notice that the range of temperature is too wide, with your heater allowing the home to get too cold before it turns on again. Perhaps the temperature is not consistent throughout your house, and some rooms are particularly hot or cold.

Or maybe you just don’t feel like it can cope with the coldest winter weather, and no matter how hard the heater tries, your home is still too chilly. Any of these problems can be diagnosed by a professional so that a solution can be found. You absolutely don’t need to spend the winter struggling with unsatisfactory temperatures.

Dusty Air

Yes, it’s true, an excess of dust in your air in the winter could be caused by your heating system. It may be that there is ductwork that’s been damaged or degraded over time.

If that’s the case, it could be pulling air in from outside the ducts, and that air could contain all kinds of contaminants from places like your attic or other unoccupied areas. A technician can inspect and repair ductwork so that your air will be free of dust, insulation fibers, or whatever other particles were being drawn in through the leak.

Excessively Dry Air

The air is always going to contain less moisture in the winter, but if it’s causing severe problems like frequent static shocks, painfully dry skin, brittle nails, and damaged hair, it could be that there’s a problem with your heater. It’s worth looking into, because those conditions are not fun to live with. 

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