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Don’t Put That In Your Garbage Disposal!

kitchen-sink-garbage-disposalGarbage disposals are a convenient way to simplify kitchen clean-up. But unfortunately, the fact that they are commonly called garbage disposals is a bit misleading. There are a lot of things that should actually go straight to the trash can, and actual garbage—plastic wrappers, foil, lids, etc.—is top of that list.


How can you be sure which items are disposal-safe and which will cause a kitchen catastrophe? We can help you sort that out.

Safety First

It’s important to remember that your sink disposal is meant to grind things to bits. Don’t put your hand in there! Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t any blades, but the blunt impellers spin very fast and push everything they touch toward the grind ring around the outside of the disposal.

If something needs a nudge to get dislodged, use a long wooden handle. (Think broom, or perhaps a sturdy wooden spoon.) If that doesn’t do the trick, you need help from a professional in garbage disposal plumbing in Boston. Keep those fingers safe!

Things That Don’t Belong in Your Disposal

One of the simple things you can remember is that if your teeth can’t grind it up, your disposal can’t, either. While this will help you avoid some of the major disposal no-nos, some more detailed information will also be helpful. Here are the things you should never put in your sink disposal and why.

  • Fats, Oils, and Grease: Also known as FOG, this is one of the most insidious enemies of your plumbing. It looks like liquid when it’s warm, so it slips down there so easily… but once it cools, it becomes a solid block! Imagine your sink drain being clogged by something as solid as a stick of butter. Avoid this disaster by wiping greasy dishes with a paper towel and throwing it in a trash can.
  • Inedible or Fibrous Food Waste: Bones, fruit pits, corn cobs or popcorn kernels, and the long tough strings of foods like celery and onions will make your disposal about as sad as they would make your teeth.
  • Rice and Pasta: These are nice and soft, but there’s a problem: they will just soak up more and more water, swelling and bloating until they clog the drain! Toss them in the compost or trash instead.
  • Coffee Grounds: These can accumulate like sediment in your plumbing. They’re also a particular nightmare in combination with fat, causing terrible blockages.
  • Actual Garbage: Just don’t do it. You have a trash can for a reason.
  • Your Hands: Yes, we said it already, but it bears repeating. Keep your hands out of there!

Things That Do Belong in Your Disposal

  • Soft Foods: As long as they aren’t starchy or fatty, you’re good to go.
  • Vegetable Scraps: Just make sure to avoid the really fibrous ones.
  • Fruit Scraps: No pits, please!
  • Citrus Peels: Bonus! These will make your kitchen smell great.

Reach out to Cooling Unlimited, Inc. with any questions or concerns about your kitchen sink garbage disposal.

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