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Signs of Trouble with Your Boiler

Winter officially arrives this week and by all indications it’s going to be one of the coldest on record. If you own a boiler system here in the Wakefield, MA area, you need it to function as expected for the next 4-5 months in order to keep your household warm and comfortable. When trouble arises, you need to act swiftly not only to keep your boiler functional during the coldest days of the year, but to keep the issue from growing worse. The good news is that signs of trouble with your boiler are easy to spot provided you know what to look for. 

1. Strange Noises

Strange noises include anything out of the ordinary, and can entail bangs, hums, hisses, rattles or bubbling. In some cases, it can be caused by low water pressure, which will prevent your boiler from functioning as expected.  It can also indicate kettling, which is usually caused by mineral deposits building up in your system and can similarly interfere with the boiler’s ability to function.

2. Leaks

You can spot leaks by unexpected patches of moisture near the source of the leak, or by reduced heating levels in certain parts of the home. Not every leak results in drips, since steam can escape through pinhole leaks without leaving a puddle. In those cases, unexpectedly high bills, hissing noises or uneven heating can indicate a problem.

3. Frozen Condensate Pipe

The condensate pipe removes acidic waste water from the system, and must often travel outside the home or near an outside wall to do so. That can result in freezing, which can disrupt the boiler from working and create a dangerous mess in the event the pipe bursts. In the cases of modern boilers, a warning system will alert you to the problem.

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