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3 Factors in Selecting a New Heater

If you’re planning to install a new heating system this time of year, you may be feeling quite a time crunch. Winchester, MA is going to experience one of the coldest winters on record, and with temperatures dipping well below freezing already, the sooner you get a new system in place, the better. But that shouldn’t prevent you from taking the proper steps and finding the heater that is right for you.

Every home is different and your new system needs to work for yours perfectly. Your technician can help guide you in the right direction, but there are 3 basic factors you should carefully consider when purchasing a new heater.

  1. Power Levels. An overpowered heater will short cycle: turning on and off rapidly and wasting energy in the process. An underpowered heater will run constantly without ever properly warming your home. You want a heater that is perfectly sized to ensure maximum efficiency.
  2. Efficiency. Heaters have an AFUE rating, which stands for Annual Fuel Efficiency Ratio. It’s measured as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more effective use the heater makes of its fuel. That means lower bills,m reduced strain and a longer lifespan overall, though specifics may vary by use.  You want the heater to have as high an AFUE rating as you can afford within the size parameters outlined in step 1.
  3. Features. When selecting a furnace, you may want to pay attention to any extra features it offers, or look into adding a few upgrades, such as a new smart thermostat or perhaps a zone control system. They’ll help your heater work better and provide a better sense of control. That translates to lower monthly bills, reduced stress on the system and a longer lifespan overall.

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