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Signs Your Heater Need Repairs

heating-repair-issuesWith the coming of fall comes cooler temperatures, and along with it an increased reliance on your heater to keep your household comfortable. If your system is in need of repairs, now is the ideal time to take care of them. You still have several weeks before the weather gets too cold, which gives you time to schedule the repairs at a time convenient to your schedule.

No one should ever attempt to diagnose a heating problem without the proper training and licensing. Heaters can be dangerous if an inexperienced person attempts to adjust them, resulting in leaking gas or worse. The good news is that you don’t need to diagnose a problem in order to detect one. Anything that doesn’t match the system’s normal functions should be cause for concern. More specifically, however, you should look for the following traits.

  • Low air flow emerging from the vents, which usually signals either a blockage of some kind or problems with the fan motor.
  • Reduced heating levels, which can be caused by clogged burners, gas flow issues, breaches in the ducts or malfunctioning components. Both low air flow and reduced heating levels will add to the cost of running the heater and the strain on the rest of the system.
  • Unexpected spikes in monthly bills, caused by malfunctioning components that must work harder to do their jobs.
  • Strange noises, which essentially means any noise you don’t associate with the normal functioning of the heater.
  • Short cycling, which means shutting off quickly only to turn on again a few minutes later. Short cycling is often a very serious matter, and if you notice it, you need to shut off your system and call in a technician immediately.

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