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Time for Maintenance on Your Heater

heating-system-maintenanceLabor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, and while hot weather continues to preserve for weeks after that, fall will be here before you know it. When that happens, you’ll be turning off your air conditioners and turning on your heating systems. Sometimes, that can involve a nasty surprise: turning it on the first time only to find a real trouble. Even worst, that trouble could wait until the coldest day of winter to strike. A number of repair services can respond swiftly in those circumstances, but we believe in preventing those calls from being necessary in the first place. That means now is the perfect time to schedule a maintenance session for your heater.

What Is a Maintenance Session?

Repair sessions are designed to address a single specific issue with the heating systems. Maintenance sessions are designed as a general look for problems of all varieties. That involves anything from a loose bolt to a faulty ignition system. The entire heater is examined from stem to stern, and any problems are noted. If the problem is easily corrected – such as a clogged burner or a bolt that needs replacing – the technician can do so as part of the maintenance session. If more extensive repairs are needed, the technician can schedule them at that time.

Why Is That Beneficial?

Maintenance sessions provide three specific benefits:

  1. They improve the heater’s efficiency, helping you save money on monthly bills.
  2. They allow you to handle more serious repairs on your schedule, instead of scrambling to respond to an unexpected breakdown.
  3. When applied over time, it can help reduce the effects of wear and tear: allowing your air conditioner to last months or even years longer than it might otherwise.

For quality heating maintenance in Boston, MA, call the friendly pros at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today!

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