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Sump Pumps Keep Your Home Dry

sump-pump-installationThe whole world has watched the impact of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, reminding us once again of the damage that Mother Nature can cause. As our hearts go out to those in need and we as a nation look for ways to help, we’re reminded that prevention is the best key to containing the damage that an even like a hurricane can cause.

We see plenty of heavy rains and flooding of our own during the rainy season, which can wreak havoc on your home even in circumstances far less dire than Hurricane Harvey. A sump pump makes an excellent way to keep your property dry and safe during an emergency.

How They Work

Sump pumps are sometimes placed on the top of a rod, but the more effective types are placed in a small hole dug at the lowest point in your house (usually the basement). As water begins to trickle in during a flood or similar event, it will pool in the pit, activating the pump. The pump spins at a high rate of speed, pulling the water into it and drawing it into a pipe to be ejected from your property. That keeps the water in check and prevents your property from suffering damage no matter how hard the rain might fall outside.

Careful Planning Is Important

The decision to install a sump pump is a wise one, but it needs to come with a fair amount of preparation. For starters, the technician needs to find the ideal place to put it: the lowest point where water will naturally gravitate towards as it leaks. In addition, the sump pump may require electrical power from your home’s grid, which means running wire to it safely. (Many sump pumps also have backup battery power, which should be checked and tested on a regular basis to ensure it works as expected.)

Furthermore, the ejection pipe needs to be pointed away from the house and placed in a location where the water will stay away, instead of just pooling at the foundation. Finally, you need the sump pump to be readily accessible during an emergency, allowing you to check and make sure it’s doing its job when it’s supposed to.

The Right Installers

That’s why you need a trained professional to install sump pumps for you. They can help you find the right location, select the proper sump pump to fit your home’s needs, and set it up the right way so that it’s ready to go when the first signs of trouble hit. They can also be on hand to repair it when trouble arises, and to check it before the beginning or the rainy season to make sure it will function as needed. (That last step is extremely important, since the middle of a crisis is the worst possible time to realize that your sump pump needs repairs.)

If your Andover, MA home could use a sump pump, or you already have a sump pump and it could use a little help, call the friendly professionals at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today!

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