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What Do We Do During Heating Maintenance?


In this blog, we’ve urged you to prioritize having maintenance done on your heating system every year. However, simply telling you that it’s important to do doesn’t help you to understand the process. We’d like to prepare you for your heating maintenance appointment by giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse at exactly what occurs during this critical service. 

For Your Safety

Please remember that working on a heating system, whether for maintenance or repairs, is a job for trained, qualified professionals in heater maintenance in Boston, MA. To preserve your safety, and to ensure that your heater continues to operate safely, you should never attempt to service your furnace yourself. There is one exception to this rule: changing the air filter is something you can and should do, and your heater will operate most efficiently if the filter is changed every 1-3 months.

Details May Vary

Some heating systems are electric, some burn natural gas, and others may use propane or oil. Your technician has been trained about the different steps that are necessary for the type of heater you have, but for the purposes of this post, we’ll have to generalize a little.

  • Cleaning: Many parts of the system will be cleaned, including the pilot assembly, flame sensor, blower motor, and the blower motor compartment. Dust buildup in these areas can interfere with operation, and also cause an unpleasant smell of burning dust when your heat is first turned on for the season. 
  • Inspecting: Your technician will be checking for safety and effectiveness of many components, including the safety controls, heat exchanger, flue or exhaust pipe, ductwork, ignition system, burner tubes, condensate pump, and the belt.
  • Testing: Tests will be performed to ensure that the electrical components are functioning as they should. This includes the blower motor capacitors, thermostat, and all electrical connections.
  • Gas Safety: Your technician will check for any signs of a gas leak, make sure the CO2 detector is operating properly, and perform a test to ensure that the fuel is combusting as it should. Having this done annually dramatically decreases your risk of safety hazards and health complications.
  • Lubrication: All moving parts will be lubricated to prevent any friction during operation, which could cause wear and tear or even complete burnout of motors.
  • Filter Change: Yes, we do hope you are changing your own air filter at the recommended frequency. But your technician will also make sure that this is done.
  • Answering Questions: We hope to provide you not just with excellent service for your heater, but excellent customer service as well. This means that if you have any questions for us, we’d be glad to provide thorough, informative answers. We believe that customers who are well-educated about their HVAC systems are better equipped to make decisions they’re happy with in the long term. More information also means you’ll be able to recognize problems promptly, which makes our job easier.

Maintenance Plans

If you’d like to make things easy on yourself while saving a few bucks, we have a variety of maintenance plan options that can provide you with discounts, priority service, and other benefits. We’re happy to go over the details of plans with you to help you decide if any of them would be a good choice for your home.

Reach out to Cooling Unlimited, Inc. with any questions or to make an appointment for heating maintenance.

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