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Consider a Dehumidifier This Spring

We’re emerging from a long winter, but with spring right around the corner, temperatures are going to start to climb. With them comes higher humidity levels, and by the time summer hits, our Reading, MA atmosphere is going to resemble a swamp. That puts a great deal of strain on air  conditioning systems, which can handle high humidity, but only crudely and using a great deal of unnecessary energy to boot.

A much better option is a whole-house dehumidifier, which addresses the specific nature of the problem in ways that an air conditioner can’t. Now is the perfect time to have one installed, since our weather is still quite cool and humidity levels are still comparatively bearable.

Why is High Humidity a Problem?

If you’ve ever dealt with muggy air, you know how uncomfortable it feels. That’s because it interferes with our body’s effort to cool itself off. When sweat evaporates off of our skin, it lowers our body temperature. But if there’s too much moisture in the air, the sweat won’t evaporate, leaving us feeling hotter than we should be, and with that horrid clammy feeling on our skin to boot.

Dehumidifiers Fix That

The best way to reduce the amount of moisture in the air is to lower it temperature, which shifts the water from gaseous to liquid form and causes it to coalesce into droplets. Air conditioners do that by default, but there’s no control over the process, and in the case of high humidity, its ability to safety drain the condensate from its system may be compromised. Dehumidifiers do that with much greater amounts of control: helping to ease the strain from your air conditioner as well as letting you set the humidity level in the home that you are  most comfortable with.

To install a dehumidifier in your home, call Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today!

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