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Why You Need a Dehumidifier

woman-feeling-hot-and-trying-to-refresh-in-summertime-heatSpring and summer are the two times of the year where you start to consider your cooling with a little more intention. You start to ask yourself questions that you might not have given a lot of thought before like, “Is my current air conditioner really worth the money?” You might even start to crunch the numbers on this calculation.

If you realize that things aren’t adding up and you need help with your air conditioning services, then we want to help you. One thing that you might be overlooking is your indoor air quality. We want to help you start things out with your dehumidifier services in Boston, MA.

How Dehumidifiers Work

Let’s start off with how dehumidifiers work. It might seem like an obvious process, but we live to inform our clients about the full extent of this process.

Dehumidifiers are literally designed to remove excess humidity from building in your home’s indoor air. While air conditioners can do a little dehumidification work on their own, it’s not their main purpose. They can do it and they’re able to do it to a certain extent. You know like we know that Boston summers are about as humid as they come. Supplementing your air conditioning with a dehumidifier offers a variety of benefits that we’ll get into below…

What They Do For You

This is what a dehumidifier can do for you:

Helps You Stay Cooler

We’re going to start off with what is arguably the best benefit of having a dehumidifier in your home—it helps you stay cooler! This isn’t because your dehumidifier adds any extra power to your air conditioner itself, it’s because the absence of humid air allows you to feel cooler.

Think about it like this—sweating is like your body’s personal air conditioning system. The water evaporating from the skin is the main part of the process that makes you feel cool. If you’re living in a humid space, the extra water vapor in the air makes it harder for your body to sweat. This means that you’ll feel much hotter no matter what the temperature is.

Reduces Monthly Costs

Once you have a dehumidifier, you’ll be able to feel much cooler in your home no matter the temperature. This helps you reduce costs. When you feel cooler, you can set your thermostat temperature to a setting that’s a little warmer than you normally would. This means that you’ll be able to alleviate a considerable amount of strain from your air conditioning system. Using less energy to cool off your home means that your system’s services can cost you a lot less.

Helps Your AC Last Longer

Relieving your air conditioner of some pressure with the assistance of a dehumidifier means that your system can last longer. Oftentimes, it’s the strain that makes your air conditioner wear down prematurely. Having the right services performed and the right systems in place (like a dehumidifier) will help your system last for as long as possible.

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