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5 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

air-conditioning-servicesSo that air conditioning problem you had this spring is looking like it’s going to be a summer problem too. The issue is that it’s only gotten worse with time… and it’s picked up a few buddies along the way. Heading over to your thermostat to turn your air conditioner on is starting to feel like a liability. If you’re asking yourself what you should do, you’ve made your way to the right blog.

If you’re thinking about new AC installation in Boston, MA, we’re the team that’s sure to make things as easy as possible.  If you’re unsure that you even need an air conditioning upgrade versus repair work, then you can reference our handy list below.

You Need a New Air Conditioner

If you relate to one or more of these circumstances below, then it’s time for you to get yourself a new air conditioner:

1.      Your HVAC System Is Older

If your HVAC system is near the age of 10 or even the age of 15, then you need to consider getting a new air conditioner. There are no qualifiers to this. You’ll be upgrading your air conditioner in the near future. The best thing you can do to prepare yourself for this is to have a plan.

We suggest that you get familiar with what’s available to you for your next system. We like for homeowners to explore new methods of cooling and consider a variety of brands.

2.      You’re Not Cool Enough

If you’re constantly toying with your air conditioner and you’re not cool enough, then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our team members. You’re not cool and this is the only job that your AC has. This is a problem!

3.      Your Repairs Are Too Expensive

If you’re repairing your system often, then this is already a sign that it is heading down a bad path. If your repairs themselves seem to be a bit expensive, then this is another issue. Here’s an equation that you can use to determine if you’re in this area of high cost. It’s the rule of 5,000. You multiply the age of your AC by the cost of your repair and if that number is at or exceeds $5,000, then you need to consider replacement rather than repair. We’ll give you an example:

The age of your AC (12) x repair cost ($420) = $5,040

This would be a really expensive AC job and you should consider repair service.

4.      You’ve Got Humidity Issues

Your air conditioner should be able to handle a decent amount of humidity control. If this isn’t the case and you’re struggling with humidity issues, then it’s time for you to handle problems with your air conditioner.

5.      Your Energy Costs Are Rising

Have you noticed that your energy bills are much higher than they should be this season? It’s only spring. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills aren’t really adding up, then the missing part of the equation is your efficiency. Bad efficiency leads to higher bills. We’re here to help you fix this problem and get things back on track.

Contact Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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