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Get a Sump Pump to Protect Your Home

Flooding is a common problem here on Concord, MA, as periodic heavy rains can hit us hard. As a homeowner, your ultimate goal in such times is to keep your household safe and undamaged from those floodwaters, and while insurance can cover the damage, it is far better to prevent those damages in the first place.

The solution is a sump pump, installed at the lowest point in your home (usually the basement), and working to drain floodwaters out as soon as they arise. Sump pumps not only keep your house dry, but they can lower your insurance rates as well, and when properly maintained can help you sleep a little easier. Here’s a quick breakdown of how they work.

Ready to Go When Needed

Sump pumps are usually installed in a sump pit: a hole dug at the lowest point in your basement, where flooding waters will naturally move to when the rain starts falling. When the pump detects water, it starts up automatically, pulling the water in using centrifugal force, then pulling it up a pipe and out of your home.

In order for that to work, you need a trained professional to discuss your options with you. The sump pump will need to be placed in a location not only allowing the waters to gather, but with access to your home’s electrical grid and an easy means of running a pipe to vent the water outside. Exhaust might be an issue too, depending on the size of the space and similar issues. Those can be a tricky balance to maintain, but a good technician can ensure that it comes off without a hitch, leaving your home safe — and more importantly, drier — as a result.

For more on sump pumps and their benefits to your home, call the pros at Cooling Unlimited today!


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