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Plan Your Bathroom Remodeling Carefully

A bathroom remodeling project can be a dream come true: turning a dingy or impractical space into something you love. The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the household and in a city as old as Boston, MA, it can involve a wide variety of options. But before you go diving in, it pays to set up a battle plan, not only to keep your budget under control, but to ensure you get what you need out of such an important project. A good plumbing service can help you plan your bathroom remodeling carefully, but you need to work with them and understand the parameters involved.

Space Matters

No matter what you might want to do with your bathroom, you only have a certain amount of square footage involved to get what you need in. This needs to account not only for all of the fixtures you want, but for things like leg room (i.e., letting you use the toilet comfortably) and adequate counter space to handle toiletries and bathroom accessories. Measure your square footage carefully and make sure you account for everything.


Along those lines, you may have grand ambitions for a number of different fixtures and features, but a combination of space and/or budget may limit what you can accomplish. To account for this, make a list of everything you want in your new bathroom. The sky’s the limit: think of everything you could ever hope for and write it down. Then rank that list in order of importance to you. That provides an easy way of getting the things you need into your new bathroom without either breaking the bank or forcing you to squeeze more out of the space than it’s prepared to take.

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