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What’s Clogging My Bathroom Fixture?

Bathroom clogs are a common service call for plumbers here in the Reading, MA area. It’s the part of the home that receives the most traffic, as well as the part where you get ready for your day and finish up at night before heading to bed. As such, a clog or back-up in your plumbing there can really slow you down, and you need to get it treated quickly lest you find yourself unable to use your bathroom the way you need to. Bathroom clogs tend to appear in one of the fixtures: the sink, the toilet and the show or bath.  It helps if you understand what causes those clogs and why, so you can monitor what you wash down your bathroom drains. The causes of clogs in your bathroom can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Human hair is exceedingly strong, and when it mixes with shampoos, soap scum, toothpaste or the like, it can create a viscous mess that is extremely difficult to dislodge.
  • Speaking of which… toothpaste is usually only found in the sink, but it can take on the consistency of cement if it builds up. Look for build-up in the curve of your pipes, and take care not to use excessive amounts of toothpaste when you brush.
  • Hard Water. Hard water build-ups are not uncommon in our area: deposits of calcium and magnesium left behind when the water flows through your pipe. You can see these deposits in the crusty build-up on your faucet head, but inside the pipes is where they do the most damage.
  • Large Objects. If you don’t have children, you may laugh, but if you do, you may have to deal with this as some point of another: an enterprising child flushing a toy, a shoe or some other object down the toilet.

When you have clogs in your bathroom, call the experts at Cooling Unlimited to help!

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