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How to Detect a Hidden Plumbing Leak

Plumbing leaks are easy to spot when they send water gushing out from under your sink or across your bathroom floor. But many leaks follow a different set of rules, and some may occur in hidden places like under your yard or in your crawlspace. The biggest problem with those leaks isn’t sealing them, which any qualified plumber can do. The problem is detecting them. Professional plumbers in Concord, MA can resolve the leak very easily, but they can’t do that until you call them, and calling them means detecting a hidden leak in the first place. Here’s a few ways how.

Check Your Meter

This is a very simple trick to quickly ascertain if you’re using water without knowing it (in other words, you have a leak in a hidden spot). Turn off all the water in your home, check the meter level, then come back in 30 minutes to an hour without running any water in the interim. (You can do some shopping or run similar errands in the interim.) If the meter level goes up when you come back to check it, you’ve got a leak.

Watch Your Monthly Bills

A slower, but equally effective means of detecting a leak is to simply check your monthly water bills for any unusual activity. If you see it going up, even though you haven’t used any more water than normal, you know you have a leak.

Puddles and Warm Spots

Sometimes, a leak will be bad enough to create small puddles near the wall or other spots where no puddles ought to be. Soft spots can appear too as water seeps into the material of the wall or floor and softens it. It may even be just a warm spot or cold spot on the surface, indicating hot or cold water leaking from the nearby pipe.

When you spot these signs, turn off the water in your home and call Cooling Unlimited immediately!

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