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“What’s Wrong With My Garbage Disposal?”

Your garbage disposal wears the cape in your kitchen. It’s the one thing that stands between you and a stinky kitchen full of food waste. But what happens when your garbage disposal starts to act a little funny?

These days you notice that your garbage disposal isn’t really disposing of food waste well. Maybe you’re hearing the blades struggle or you’re just noticing a stench waft up from your sink. Either way, our professionals are able to work on your garbage disposal in Boston, MA. Contact us when you’re ready for a positive change at home.

What’s Your Issue?

Let’s talk about the issue you might be experiencing at home.


Your garbage disposal is making a persistent humming noise.

A humming (often described as buzzing) noise is due to your garbage disposals blades. The sound happens when your motor clogs or jams. This results in an eventual failure to grind. If you hear humming, then you should know that other garbage disposal problems are coming down the pipeline. It’s time to schedule an appointment when you hear this.


You’re hearing a grinding noise when you notice a metal on metal sound coming from your garbage disposal. If you hear grinding, then the source of the problem is something stuck to the blade. It can also be a problem that’s occurring because your fan blades are worn.

Hop on this problem if you want to ensure that your garbage disposal lasts well into the future and serves you properly throughout its lifetime. Grinding can be the beginning of a domino effect of problems with your system.


It’s possible for your garbage disposal to leak, but luckily, it’s an easy fix with the help of a professional.

Our team members can get into your unit without disrupting your kitchen, find the source of the leak, and fix it fast. A leaking garbage disposal unit can make your home smell terrible, and it can even become unhygienic. Make sure that you do your best to make sure that your home is in great shape.

Slow Draining

You turn on your sink and the water is barely moving down the drain.

Slow draining means that there’s a potential backup in your plumbing system which means that you’re nursing a clog. Make sure that you don’t allow this to become a larger issue. Slow draining won’t just clear itself up on its own. We don’t recommend DIY efforts or store-bought drain cleaners either—you need professional service.

Foul Odors

Your garbage disposal shouldn’t be the thing that’s making your sink stink—it should be disposing of your garbage and the smell that comes along with it. Of course, food waste doesn’t smell good, but your garbage disposal unit should be able to handle it with ease.

Any leftover stench is a clear indicator of garbage disposal issues. More trouble is along the way the longer you let this problem continue.

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