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Preventative Maintenance Stops AC Problems Before They Start

air-conditioning-maintenanceMost of us don’t like to spend money when we don’t have to, which is a sound instinct to follow much of the time. That doesn’t always apply to your air conditioner, however. Repair issues and breakdowns can often develop for months in advance, and waiting until they cause a serious problem with your air conditioner usually means a great deal of expense and hassle. Our trained team is ready to go in the event repairs on your air conditioner are required, but we also believe in stopping problems before they start. That saves you money and can help your air conditioner last longer than it might otherwise. 

The most effective way to anticipate and prevent problems with your AC is to schedule a preventative maintenance session once or twice a year. Unlike repair sessions, which are designed to address a single serious problem, maintenance sessions are intended to address a lot of little problems which wouldn’t merit a repair call on their own. Loose bolts cause components to rattle in their housings, clogged filters can spread dust onto moving parts and countless other little issues can conspire against you if you’re not careful. In addition, maintenance sessions let the technician check for signs that more serious issues may be lurking, allowing you to schedule a replacement session to take care of them. With summer officially here, now is the time to act

Maintenance sessions provide three specific benefits, all of which serve to save you money.

Improved Efficiency

Loose bolts, dusty components, reduced refrigerant levels and the like all conspire to leech your system of energy. That means higher monthly bills and an increased strain on your system as individual components work harder than they should to do their job. Maintenance sessions help improve your system’s efficiency, which will lower your bills when compared with similar use before the maintenance session took place.

Easier Repairs

By catching the signs of a more serious repair job early, a maintenance session gives you significant options in the way you treat the issue. You can schedule repairs in a more flexible manner, without having to move your schedule around and at a time that’s well suited to you. In addition, such repairs usually cost less than they might otherwise, since the damage from the problem has’t had as much time to spread. This is of special concern during the summer time, when a sudden breakdown in the middle of a heat wave can create a significant crisis in your home.


By cutting down on wear and tear and addressing little issues before they become big ones, maintenance sessions can help extend your system’s longevity. They need to be applied regularly — once a year or so at least — and continue throughout the life of your system. In exchange, however, they can further reduce the risk of a breakdown, as well as helping your air conditioner last for months or even years past the expiration of its warranty.

If you haven’t scheduled an air conditioning maintenance session for your Andover, MA home in the last twelve months, contact the team at Cooling Unlimited, Inc. today!

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