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7 Signs That Your Furnace Needs Help

Once September and October roll around, the furnace becomes to front runner of the show that is your home. If you’re trying to make sure that you’re warm for the remainder of fall and the entirety of winter, then it’s important that you stay ahead of any potential heating problems. The trouble that we see homeowners have with this is that they don’t really know what classifies as call worthy trouble coming from their furnace. We understand this confusion and we work our hardest to make sure that things are as clear as possible for you. If you need help understanding your furnace repair in Wakefield, MA, then you should get in touch with our professionals. Let’s talk through some of the reasons you might need to call us this season. 

It’s Time to Call Us When

Here are a few times you need to contact a professional about your furnace care. The following problems are reasons to get yourself repair work. 

High Energy Bills

High energy bills are a sign that you’re fighting a battle against efficiency. Don’t just allow this to happen and go on for long. Instead, schedule an appointment with our professionals for repair work. 

Frequent Issues

HAve you noticed that you have recurring issues whenever the cool weather season rolls around? This is when you should schedule an appointment for repair work.

A Chilly Home

There’s nothing worse than a chilly home in the middle of winter. If you notice that your home doesn’t ever get warm like you want it to, then it means that it’s time to get heating repair care. 

Bad Scents

You never want to notice a bad scent coming from your furnace. This can actually be dangerous to your health. Make sure that you contact a professional as soon as possible when you notice any type of funky scent in your home.

Weird Noises

Are you hearing some weird noises coming from your heater? You might notice some sounds like banging, rattling, scraping, etc. Really, any noise that you’re not used to hearing or alarmed by is a reason to repair your home’s heater. 

A Discolored Pilot Light

If you have a suspicion that your furnace is headed southbound, but you’re not really noticing any of the symptoms, then it means that it’s time to confirm your suspicions. You might want to take a peek in at your furnace’s pilot light. If the pilot light is discolored, then it means that you’re not getting the care you need. A discolored pilot light is going to be any pilot light that isn’t bright blue. Common colors include orange, red, or yellow. 

An Old Furnace

An old furnace isn’t necessarily a surefire death sentence for your home’s comfort, but it does mean that things might be a little more difficult than they need to be for you. An older furnace isn’t necessarily going to be an efficient furnace. If you notice that things are really starting to go awry, then you might want to consider something a little more drastic than repair work. It might be time for you to consider replacing your system.

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