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A Few Common Mid-Winter Furnace Problems


We’re chugging away through winter in Boston so it’s time to take a moment, reflect, and ask yourself—are you happy with your home’s furnace?

The answer to this should be an assured yes. Anything less than this means that you probably have a budding furnace problem on your hands that needs professional care. You don’t have to fret when this happens though. Instead, you can always rely on our professionals for furnace repair in Boston, MA. We’re a team of professionals that always understand how to give you the care that you need. In fact, we pride ourselves on it. You can come to us when you need great furnace work.

Make Yourself Aware of These Issues

Make sure you’re staying on top of any of these potential issues in your home. If you’re experiencing one of these issues then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us.

Short Cycling

Is your heater starting and stopping all day long? You might just shrug this one off. After all, it’s only a minor inconvenience, right?

Wrong! This is a major problem. Short cycling is the enemy of a healthy heating system with a long lifespan. Make sure that you schedule an appointment with us when you need prompt repair that can knock out this problem fast.

Funky Scents

Do you notice that your furnace smells a little funky? Maybe you notice a burning smell or something that’s more akin to a sulfur or a skunk. All of these scents are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed sooner than later. It could be a problem with a carbon monoxide leak, and this is a potential detriment to your health. Contact us about this problem sooner than later.

High Energy Bills

Are you paying too much for your heating? Your heating bills should be affordable even in the dead of winter. Don’t attribute sky-high heating bill to the cold temperatures outdoors. You’re having a heating problem and we’re going to be the ones to fix it for you. You really don’t want to let a problem like this go on for too long. It will only advance with time.

Not Enough Warmth

Are you struggling to get warm in your home? Don’t give a knee-jerk “no” response to this. You might think that you’re doing fine just struggling. “Struggling” could look like turning your thermostat up higher and higher all day long or keeping your heater on for significant amounts of time. If you’re struggling to get warm then you need furnace service.

Low Indoor Air Quality

Got a furnace at home? If you do and you notice that your home is incredibly dusty all the time then it’s a sign that your home’s indoor air quality is on the decline. Your indoor air quality and your heater go hand-in-hand, so you want to make sure that you’re breathing great air as a foundation before you venture into anything else. We can help you get great IAQ and high-quality heating too.

Give us a call to find out how we can meet your unique heating and cooling needs! We’ve got your back for all your furnace work.

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