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What’s the Deal with Your Heater?

heating-system-efficiencyLet’s take a moment and just be 100% honest here… your heater isn’t everything that it used to be. Things have been a little different lately and you can’t really place the start of the decline. All you know is that things aren’t right, and you want better heating service. Does this sound familiar? You should schedule an appointment for heater repair in Boston, MA.

Living in Boston means that you need a great heater. You’re going to regret not investing into your system if you try to cut corners by side stepping repair work. Trust us when we say that you can get the best work for the lowest price possible from our team. We’ve always got your back!

Dissecting Your Heating Troubles

There are a few surprisingly common heating troubles that you might be experiencing at home. We’re here to help you find the underlying cause of things. Keep reading below to find out what the problems you’re having at home mean…

Short Cycling

Your turn your heater’s thermostat up to your desired temperature, plop down on your couch ready to binge watch the latest and greatest, and take a soft sigh of relief when you hear the soft click of your heater kicking on because you know that warm relief is on its way… but something is off. Your heater turns off seemingly just as fast as it turns on. What the deal? The problem that you’re experiencing is called short cycling. This is more than likely caused by a blockage somewhere within your heating system. We can find the source of the problem and fix it for you.

Pilot Light Issues

Does your home have trouble heating up or staying heated once your heater runs for a little while? If this is the case, then you might be having trouble with your heater’s pilot light. A furnace system uses a pilot light to power the entire unit. If the light starts to flicker or change in color, it’s something that’s going to immediately impact your home’s heater.

Low Airflow

Do you notice that your home’s airflow isn’t what it used to be? We’re sure that most of the registers in your home are up toward the ceiling and out of the way, but take the extra time and effort to pop your hand up near one of those while your heater runs. Do you notice that the airflow is low? You should never have to struggle with something like this in your home; if you are then it’s likely that you have leaky ductwork going on. We can take a closer look and find any leaks or gaps happening in your system.

Don’t see the problem that you’re having in your home listed above? This means that you should schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’ve seen a variety of problems and we can always lead it back to the source. Call us today.

Give us a call to find out how we can meet your unique heating and cooling needs! The Cooling Unlimited, Inc. team always has your back.

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