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The Art of Setting Your Thermostat: The Dos and Don’ts

studio-shot-of-a-modern-thermostatYou walk over to your thermostat mounted on the wall, pick a temperature, and set it—that’s all there is to setting your thermostat, right?

Well, while it might seem this way, it’s actually a little more complex. Your thermostat is more than just the switch that’s responsible for turning on your heating and cooling system; your thermostat is the commander of your entire HVAC system.

If your HVAC system was a symphony all working in perfect harmony, then the thermostat would be the conductor. It commands everything that goes on. You need to make sure that you know how to wield the power that your thermostat holds. You don’t have to think of running your thermostat as a right or wrong affair, but there are some best practices that we’ll dive into below…

How to Set Your Thermostat

We’re bringing it back to basics here. Leave everything you think you know about setting your thermostat at the door and open your mind to these dos and don’ts.

The Dos

  • Make sure that you’re setting your thermostat within a reasonable range. What’s reasonable you ask? It depends on the temperature outdoors. Let’s say that it’s a chilly winter day here in Boston and the outdoor temperature 43°. It doesn’t make sense to crank your thermostat all the way up to 85°F and expect your home to heat efficiently. You’ll more than likely find yourself sweltering by the time your home nears this temperature. What you want to do is set your thermostat to a mild temperature and wait. If you want fast comfort, a high thermostat setting isn’t your solution—you should consider a smart thermostat.
  • Get to know your thermostat options. If you still have a slide or dial thermostat, then you need to think about getting a new thermostat. Wi-Fi or smart thermostats run laps around a dial or slide thermostat. They’re energy-efficient, anticipate your needs, and save you money in the process.

The Don’ts

  • Never wait too long to replace your thermostat. You go into purchasing a new heater or air conditioner knowing that you’ll probably have to replace this system within a decade or so, why don’t you give your thermostat this same treatment? You need to replace your thermostat when you replace your HVAC system. You don’t want to have a low-functioning, outdated thermostat system. Give yourself the best of the best.
  • Don’t forget your fan! You might not think of your ceiling fan too often when it comes to cooling your home and especially not heating it. Your ceiling fan and your HVAC system are two systems that you can use together. Ceiling fans help circulate the conditioned air blowing out of your home that collects toward the ceiling in winter and cool off your body in summer. Make sure you’re switching this system on when you want a little energy-savings.

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